Sep 25, 2020
Rewriting Film History With “Women Make Film”
Women Make Film is a 14-part documentary series narrated by Tilda Swinton and others that showcases the immense contribution of women filmmakers from around the globe. Turner Classic Movies is rolling out the series every Tuesday from now until December, alongside a collection of 100 related films directed by women.
Sep 10, 2020
Entertainment Weekly
How TCM and the 'Women Make Film' documentarian are trying to change the film canon
“With the groundbreaking new 14-part documentary Women Make Film, and accompanying programming on TCM that features 100 films from women filmmakers across six continents, they're celebrating and shining a light on the vast numbers of women who've been making movies since the beginning.”
Sep 1, 2020
Film School Rejects
How TCM's 'Women Make Film' Makes Up for Film Education's Exclusivity
’’Women Make Film’’ will captivate anyone interested in a greater understanding of movies, but the programming that TCM has created around it elevates it to a level comparable to other avenues of learning about film.”
Sep 1, 2020
Associated Press
TCM shines a spotlight on female directors and their art
“Turner Classic Movies is helping craft a revisionist history of women in film…Cousins’ documentary and the subsequent discussions will also help advance the conversation about women directors.”
Sep 1, 2020
Times Herald-Record
TCM rescues women films and filmmakers from obscurity
“This series is the very definition of "thoughtful" programming, and something for which TCM is uniquely suited. It's refreshing to see a network maintain its vision and high standards. With "Women Make Film," it has topped itself.”
Aug 31, 2020
Turner Classic Movies’ Ambitious ‘Women Make Film’ Series Features Female Directors Worldwide
“Don’t let the name fool you: Turner Classic Movies is redefining the parameters for “classic” films. The Ted Turner-created network, known for bringing the world of Old Hollywood filmmaking into viewers’ homes for over 25 years, has long been the perfect place to catch a 1940s film noir or see an Oscar-winning feature from 1933. But now it’s becoming a launchpad for showcasing diverse cinema — in what’s it’s always been and what it can be.”
Aug 31, 2020
Fresh Air (NPR)
'Women Make Film' Shines A Long Overdue Spotlight On Female Filmmakers
“…The movies that are presented alongside "Women Make Film" include a lot of other great titles, from the well-known "The Hurt Locker" and "The Night Porter" to relatively obscure but eminently worthwhile international productions. Those films, like the documentary, will be presented by TCM hosts Alicia Malone and Jacqueline Stewart, whose enthusiasm matches their expertise. I expect they'll be great guides for this cinematic road trip, and I can't wait to start. After all, how else can we safely travel around the world right now?”
May 21, 2020
Irish Times
Women Make Film: Women Make Film: A history of women directors, directed by a man – but in a good way
Women Make Film gathers together a century of material – from the blockbusters of Kathryn Bigelow to new discoveries by the likes of Wendy Toye – into a package that combines warmth with rigour, wit with technical know-how. It is essential.
May 8, 2020
The Guardian
'It's a mistresspiece!': the 14-hour film about forgotten female directors
A perfect lockdown gift has landed, one which might have sounded daunting in ordinary times: a 14-hour documentary about female directors … Mark Cousins’ latest encyclopedic romp is a glorious enterprise that unearths footage from some of the greatest film-makers ever – all of them women.
Sep 10, 2019
Associated Press
In ‘Women Make Film,’ a 14-hr epic of an overlooked history
The length of Mark Cousin’s 14-hour documentary “Women Make Film” is itself a statement. The work of female filmmakers throughout cinema history is too rich and too vast for anything less.
Sep 17, 2018
The Hollywood Reporter
'Women Make Film': Film Review | Venice 2018
The bottom line: An eye-opening, tantalizing resource. … Like Cousins’ previous extravaganza, the 15-hour Story of Film: An Odyssey, this documentary offers an abundance of information, along with the tantalizing idea that there are many stunning films for viewers to discover.