Wanuri Kahiu

1980 –
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Wanuri Kahiu is a filmmaker, speaker, and science fiction writer. Her short award-winning science fiction film Pumzi (2009) about futuristic Africa premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (2010) and received international acclaim. In 2018, Kahiu’s award-winning film Rafiki, was the first Kenyan film to be invited to the Cannes Film Festival and has since won multiple awards across the world.

Kahiu is a cultural leader for the World Economic Forum and regularly attends DAVOS to advocate for Freedom of Expression and the need for AFROBUBBLEGUM – the creation and curation of fun, fierce, and frivolous African images. Kahiu is currently working with Viola Davis to adapt Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed for Amazon Studios and was named Time‘s 100 Next in 2019.

Select Filmography

Ras Star (2006)
From a Whisper (2009)
Pumzi (2009)
Rafiki (2018)