Randa Chahal Sabag

1953 – 2008
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Born in Lebanon in 1953, Randa Chahal Sabag studied filmmaking in Paris at the Louis Lumiere school. Influenced by the harrowing impact of war on her homeland, she began making documentary films that spoke to her experiences. Her first documentary, Step by Step (1978), which focused on Lebanon’s civil war, won the Press Award at the international Festival of French-Speaking Film. 

Sabag would go on to receive support from the Lebanese government for several documentaries for both cinemas and television, leading to her first feature film, Sand Screens (1991). Sand Screens, the story of two different women navigating their friendship amidst a shifting political and cultural landscape, would explore themes of cultural identity and friendship that Sabaq would explore throughout her career. Sabag’s critical breakthrough came in 2003 with The Kite, which won the Silver Lion at the 2003 Venice Film Festival. At the time of her death in 2008, Sabag was in pre-production on her next feature film titled Too Bad for Them.

Select Filmography

Step by Step (1978)
Sand Screens (1991)
The Kite (2003)