Nancy Savoca

1959 –
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The daughter of Sicilian and Argentine immigrants, writer-director Nancy Savoca graduated from the film school at New York University where she received the Haig P. Manoogian Award for overall excellence for her short films Renata and Bad Timing in 1982. Her feature directing and co-screenwriting debut True Love (1989), an incisive comedy about Italian-American courtship and marriage rituals in the Bronx, was hailed by critics as one of the best films of the year. Its success enabled Savoca to make her only Hollywood film to date, Dogfight (1991). The film received favorable reviews and further demonstrated the director’s flair and facility with actors. Savoca returned to independent film in 1993 with Household Saints.

Savoca also directed the “1952” and “1974” segments (and wrote all three) of If These Walls Could Talk (1997), HBO’s tripartite movie focusing on the issue of reproductive choices. Borrowing from her own experiences as a mother of three, Savoca then tackled the legend of the modern-day superwoman in The 24 Hour Woman (1999). Her most recent film, Union Square (2012), premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Select Filmography

True Love (1989)
Dogfight (1991)
Household Saintes (1993)
If These Walls Could Talk (1996)
Union Square (2012)