Lucrecia Martel

1966 –
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Frequently cited as one of the most influential figures in New Argentine Cinema, Lucrecia Martel became internationally recognized following her 2001 debut film La ciénaga. Martel’s body of work explores themes of class dynamics and sexuality, weaving together portraits of bourgeois family life with depictions of intimate internal struggle. Influenced by her formal film training in animation and her experiences in Buenos Aires in the 1980s, Martel’s films have explored various filmmaking styles from animation to short-form documentary and feature films. 

Martel followed up her debut feature film with The Holy Girl in 2004 and The Headless Woman in 2008, with both features receiving widespread critical acclaim in the United States and abroad. The Headless Woman received a nomination for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Her most recent film, Zama (2018), an exploration of colonialism in 18th-century Spain, served as Argentina’s official entry to the 90th Annual Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and was hailed by many critics as one of the best films of the year.

Select Filmography

La ciénaga (2001)
The Holy Girl (2004)
The Headless Woman (2008)
Zama (2017)