Lucía Puenzo

1976 –
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Film is in Lucía Puenzo’s DNA. The daughter of Academy Award-winning director, producer and screenwriter Luis Puenzo, she graduated from the National Film Institute in Argentina and has worked as a screenwriter and as a director in documentary, feature films and television miniseries. Puenzo considers herself a writer first, telling her screenwriting students to “be very selfish and tell the story they want to tell.” 

Never afraid to tackle complex subjects, Puenzo’s films have ranged from the discrimination faced by an intersex teen in a small Uruguayan village in XXY (2007), winner of the Critics’ Award at the Cannes Film Festival, to the controversial topic of Nazi settlement in Argentina after World War II in The German Doctor (2013). The latter film imagines Dr. Josef Mengele’s exile in Bariloche. Puenzo came up against resistance from the town when she filmed there, often finding locations suddenly unavailable to the crew. In 2015, her television series CROMO was the only Latin American entrant of the Toronto Film Festival’s new “Prime Time” section, and Puenzo has continued to work in the medium. Her latest project has been the series The Pack (2020), and she is in pre-production for Losing Clementine with Jessica Chastain.

Select Filmography

XXY (2007)
The Fish Child (2009)
Codicia (2009)
The German Doctor (2013)
Comodoro (2014)