Fanta Regina Nacro

1962 –
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Fanta Regina Nacro has torn down barriers throughout her career. Not only is she one of the relatively few female African filmmakers, but she was the first Burkinabé woman to direct a dramatic film with her short Un Certain Matin (1991). The film explored the role of cinema for Africans and won the Gold Medal at the 1992 Carthage Film Festival. Her short Close Up of Bintou (2001) was in the official selection at the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. 

Nacro has not hesitated to address issues like racism, the subjugation of women and girls, the devastation of the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the horror of war. She used this in her first feature film The Night of Truth (2004), in which she spoke about genocide from a female point of view. It was created after she questioned how atrocities are used as the basis for a film, explaining “all humans have their dark side and their human side…and if one is not vigilant then the dark side can easily take over.” She is one of the founding members of The African Guild of Directors and Producers, which she headed in 2001, and has received dozens of awards for her work.

Select Filmography

Un certain matin (1991)
Puk Nini (1996)
A Close-Up on Bintou (2001)
Vivre positivement (2003)
The Night of Truth (2004)