Ann Hui

1947 –
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Ann Hui On-wah has the distinguished honor of being one of the most critically acclaimed Hong Kong filmmakers and one of the most decorated directors of her generation. Born in Anshan, Liaoning province, Manchuria, in 1947, she later moved to Hong Kong, where she received her master’s in English and comparative literature from the University of Hong Kong. She then studied at the London Film School in 1972 before returning to Hong Kong. She became the assistant to Chinese director King Hu and quickly cut her teeth directing drama series and short documentaries. Hui made a name for herself when she began directing episodes of the television series Below the Lion Rock in 1972. She made her feature-length debut with the thriller The Secret (1979). 

Throughout the next four decades, Hui helmed dozens of films centered around the theme of cultural displacement, family conflict and feminine perspectives and became notable in the Hong Kong New Wave movement. She produced her first film in 1994, Ho Yim’s The Day the Sun Turned Cold, and has since produced over a dozen films. Hui has won a myriad awards from around the world, and as of 2020 she has two films slated for release.

Select Filmography

The Secret (1979)
Summer Snow (1995)
Ordinary Heroes (1999)
A Simple Life (2011)
Our Time Will Come (2017)