Ana Mariscal

1923 – 1995
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An icon of Spanish cinema, Ana Mariscal began her career in 1940, appearing in two films directed by Luis Marquina – Amore di ussaro and El último húsar. Working with Maquina led to a starring role in the controversial film Raza in 1942. Though Mariscal would continue to pursue acting throughout her career, appearing in more than fifty films, she grew tired of playing the same roles in the early 1950s and formed her own production company, Bosco Productions. 

Mariscal’s first feature under Bosco Productions, Segundo Lopez, adventurer urban (1953), was a critical success and is credited as an early example of the Spanish neorealism movement, standing alongside films produced in Italy by directors Robert Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica. Mariscal would go on to direct many more successful films before returning in front of the camera in several acting roles before her death in 1995.

Select Filmography

Segundo Lopez, adventurer urban (1953)
La quiniela (1960)
Feria en Sevilla (1962)
El camino (1963)
El paseillo (1968)